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Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Records Verification

About Records Inspectors and the Verification Process:

Record verification is required for all employees who’s positions require additional training beyond RT-130 and whom operate under the Region 6 VIPR agreements. 

OFCA is dedicated to accurate and thorough records inspections under the Region 6 VIPR agreement and is proud to have available several fully qualified record inspectors under the FACT MOU.


Steve Dodds  PACIFICOASIS99@msn.com

Pete Hawley PACIFICOASIS99@msn.com

Carl Sylvester carlor40@yahoo.com

Harry Winston  idleyldkid@yahoo.com

Dillon Sanders  inbound@inboundllc.com

To request inspection of records please use the following form for 
each individual record and contact one of our inspectors via email.

Record Inspection Requirements Checklist
Fillable Verification Form

Returning Firefighter Inspection Form


Important Links 


List of Accepted Training Providers


Recommended Pricing

 Electronic File Inspections: $10.00
Hard copy Inspections:       $15.00

For more complicated or extraneous inspections that require additional time and resources our inspectors charge $25.00

Most record inspections can be sent electronically. If you have any questions we are happy to answer them and work with your company to have your inspections completed in an efficient and timely manner. Payment is to be arranged directly with the inspector.  Inspector may provide discounts or charge more as negotiated.

Response time goal is within 48 hours, and return of verified records will depend on the amount of records sent and manner in which they are delivered.