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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Classifieds - Job Openings

Inbound, LLC is now hiring experienced wildland firefighters for the 2018 fire season from Bend, Medford, Klamath Falls, Portland and Eugene areas.  Inbound, LLC has two twenty person wildland hand crews and thirteen wildland fire engines.  Please contact Dillon at 503-473-4851 or see our website www.inboundllc.com for more information. 

We are looking for Engine Bosses and Sawyers.  Refresher training, CPR training, and any other required training will be provided at no charge! 


Inbound, LLC is also looking to hire new firefighters for the 2018 Wildland Fire Season.

We pay new firefighters at least $12.25 an hour plus an addition $4.25/hr (on straight hours) to cover your costs of medical insurance and incidentals under the ACA. If you already have insurance, you can use this cash payment to cover any other costs you choose.

Here are some attributes for an ideal candidate to be a wildland firefighter:
-In great physical condition, ready to bring your "A" game for the season
-Free of mental health or drug dependency issues
-Work well in a team environment
-Can work 16 hours a day for at least 2 weeks straight
-Have a positive attitude, able to overcome adversity, situationally aware
-Likes to work in the woods, able to put your cell phone away and work in areas with no internet

If interested, please email us an expression of interest. There are some online training classes (free) which are required to rsvp for our training. I will write you back with specific instructions and links to some physical fitness programs. You can also find more information on our website www.inboundllc.com The next six day training event for new firefighters is in April, with monthly training events through July.




Classifieds - Fire Equipment for sale

There is no equipment listed at this time.  To list equipment for sale on the OFCA site, please email your information to Dillon Sanders at inbound@inboundllc.com or fax the information to 503-977-6060.